Top 20 Gadget Gifts for a Programmer
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Top 20 Gadget Gifts for a Programmer
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Top 20 Gadget Gifts for a Programmer

The technologies of the modern world are needed by everyone and everyone, especially programmers, so we present to your attention a list of Wishlist of many programmers.

Gadget Gifts

1) Any programmer definitely needs good headphones (droplets or monitor ones, here you already need to find out the habits of the person to whom you give)

2) External battery (Power bank) for a large volume, which can be connected to a laptop and phone

3) A tablet with a keyboard that can be used for remote work or leisure.

4) USB hub, which will allow you to connect many necessary USB devices.

5) Coffee machine. Many people like to drink coffee, especially well-brewed.

6) Heated mug. The coffee will no longer get cold if you work hard.

7) Microphone for talking with colleagues, recording video or just for playing games

8) Optical mouse on the finger, which works just like a regular mouse, only you do not need to touch the
surface. What is an optical mouse for? It is not always convenient to use the touchpad, and the mouse does not work well on soft surfaces and you want to lie on the couch, this is where you need an optical mouse.

9) Webcam for video recording or for work conferences.

10) An external hard drive for storing important files outside of a working computer or for creating a backup, a very useful thing in the household.

11) Keyboard or mouse (Only by agreement with the person)

12) PC accessories, if your mentee was talking about specific details.

13) Flash drive for transferring and saving various data

14) An air ozonizer that saturates the air with oxygen. Sometimes it is enough to take a few deep breaths of air, and you feel much better, healthier and happier.

15) Portable mini heater to help you work more comfortably and warmly.

16) E-book

17) Mini printer

18) Portable mini fridge

19) Wireless charging

20) Ring lamp

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Feb. 1, 2023

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