How AI developers should monitor health
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How AI developers should monitor health
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How AI developers should monitor health

The work of a programmer is sedentary and inactive. This can lead to various health complications.


It's no secret that when working with a monitor, the eyes begin to blink less often, the mucous membrane of the eye is not moistened, which is why vision deteriorates quite quickly.
To maintain natural visual acuity, the programmer must reduce the hours spent behind the monitor screen, at least during non-working hours. Small breaks and gymnastics for the eyes are also useful.


Due to low mobility, the programmer may become overweight, which is not the worst thing, but very unpleasant. The most terrible consequences of being overweight with a sedentary lifestyle are cardiovascular disease, back problems and pressure.
To combat infections, it is necessary to organize outdoor activities, sports, and hiking. It is also necessary to warm up during breaks at work.

mental health

The work of a programmer is a source of nervous diseases. Computer failure, all these are stressful situations that loosen the nervous system.
One of the most important means of a healthy psyche is healthy and deep sleep. Try to surround yourself with understanding people who will not aggravate your mental state.

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Dec. 7, 2022

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